Twitter Primer

Twitter is a free micro-blogging social networking service.

You must be at least 13 years of age to create a twitter account. Those aged 13 to 18 should consult with parents before creating an account.

Twitter provides a means for someone to become an internet broadcaster. Through twitter, you can send messages to other twitter users who follow you. You can also follow those people to receive their notifications as well. You can also protect your account by approving those who have access.

A broadcast message, also known as a “tweet,” has a maximum size of 140 characters. When you broadcast a tweet, it will be posted on your twitter page, and it will also arrive on your follower’s twitter pages almost immediately. If your follower is logged onto twitter, your tweet will appear on his/her screen.

Users also have the ability to register cell phones. When a tweet is posted, twitter will send a text to the registered cell phone. That’s why the message can only be 140 characters. It will fit within text message restrictions. Twitter does not charge for this feature, but your cell phone provider will charge you for text messages, depending upon your plan. You may instruct twitter to turn your cell phone messaging on or off at any time and for any of the accounts you follow. Only one cell phone may be associated with a twitter account. I think one twitter account may be associated with a cell phone.

Twitter doesn’t have quite the same privacy concerns as facebook. You can create an account using a pseudonym, which you can hide behind. You could create multiple twitter accounts. You only post or receive tweets, so if you follow, but never post, you’ll only receive information. Before you post too much about yourself or your friends, make sure to read NY Times: The Web Means the End of Forgetting.

If you don’t wish to participate in twitter directly, you can still view the band’s twitter page at: You just won’t be able to follow the band, nor receive tweets.

The steps to follow the band’s twitter account (assuming you’re completely new to twitter):

Information about twitter can be found at:

Since twitter allows us to contact your via your cell phone, emergency messages can be distributed to almost every band member with a cell phone instantly without requiring access a computer.