Band Service Providers

The band could not function without the following people performing service above and beyond the duty of performing. Each of the services below requires a substantial commitment of personal time and effort during the band season.

Service Provider
Board President Ronald Cohen
Treasurer Kathleen Mosher
Executive Secretary Leeann Arnts
Recording Secretary Mona Giambrone
Librarians Thomas and Kathleen Mosher
Publicity Jeanne Fasano
Director James Bast
Assistant Conductor Thomas Mosher
Concert Manager Leeann Arnts
Communications/Web ames Humelsine
Equipment Manager Robert Arnts
Tickets Leeann J. Arnts
Programs Thomas Mosher
Sponsors Harry Carter
Announcer DRonald Cohen
Stage Management Nick Lucas and Robert Artns with assistance from the percussion section.
Hostesses/Host Karen Collier, Hyun-Bo Shim and Sunny Shim
Band Banquet Maryann Bast
Band Photo for CD & Program Paul Wasserman
Graphic Designer Leanne Coppola

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