Contact or Follow the Band

This page contains information for how to contact the band or follow it.

Access Used By Resource
Send Email Anyone
Phone Anyone Call our Executive Secretary.
Postal Service Those desiring formal correspondence,
such as concert booking paperwork.
Greater Shore Concert Band
547 Cedar Ave
West Long Branch, NJ 07764
Website Anyone
Concert Schedule Anyone, who wants to know when and where a concert is scheduled.
Rehearsal Schedule Band Members, who want to know when and where a reshearsal is scheduled.
Email Distribution Registration Two Lists:
Band Members List
Friends of the Band List
All band members should be on the Band Member List.
The Friends List is optional to friends and family of the band.
Anyone wishing to follow the band, members, parents, friends and family. Being a fan requires a facebook account. Viewing the page possible without a facebook account. Become a fan of the band at
The band's concerts are listed as events on the facebook page. Rehearsal and concert updates hazardous weather cancellations will be posted along with other announcements such as website updates. This band's Facebook page is currently open for contributions and comments by any fans.
Anyone wishing to receive up to minute band updates. Following the twitter feed requires a twitter account. Viewing the page possible without a twitter account. Follow the band on
Rehearsal and concert hazardous weather cancellations will be posted along with other major announcements. Twitter activity should be less frequent than facebook updates, and it shall be one-way dissemination only. I.e., there is no means for followers to update back to the band's twitter page.
Mobile Phone Messages Anyone wishing to receive notifications via mobile phone. Mobile phone messaging is provide via Facebook and/or Twitter. Both Facebook and Twitter allow followers to register mobile phone numbers to receive updates via text messages. However, it is the user who is responsible to set this up, and the user must have a Facebook or Twitter account. Instructions to sign up and activate mobile updates are available on both Facebook and Twitter. Please email any mobile phone update questions to the band.

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