Band Members' Information

This page contains information directly specifically toward members of the band.

Rehearsal Schedule - When and where the band rehearses.

Rehearsal Guidelines - Expectations associated with rehearsals, involving attendence, punctuality, etc.

Concert Guidelines - Expectations associated with concerts, involving attendence, punctuality, behavior, equipment, etc.

Hazardous Weather Policy - When we cancel rehearsals or concerts because of bad weather, and how we disseminate this information.

Ad Campaign Form - All Ads are to be submitted no later than Tuesday, April 14, 2020.

Concert Dress - What to wear at our performances.

Band Scholarship - The band awards a scholarship during its final Spring Concert to one or more graduating high school seniors.

Band Members' Yahoo! Group - Information about joining the Band's Yahoo! Group, which exists to helps facilitate messages to band members and reduce administrative overhead.

Expense Voucher - Submitted to reimburse band expenses.

End-of-Season Celebration Dinner Sign Up Form

Link to website for directions for the End-of-Season Celebration at Jumping Brook Country Club in Neptune

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