Band Group Information

The band sponsors a Yahoo! group for band members. This group helps disseminate information among the band members.

In order to join the group, you will need a Yahoo! account. You can get a Yahoo! account by going to Unfortunately,'s page changes differently, so an accurate description cannot be provided here. Follow the links that lead to creating a new account. After several clicks, you'll get to a screen to create your account. It will ask for your name, gender, age and some other items. If you don't wish to divulge this information, then make it up. Surely there are many "Mickey Mouse" Yahoo! accounts. You'll be able to customize your account, including registering other nickname/handles, several e-mail addresses, including non-yahoo ones, etc.

Once you have a Yahoo! account, go to Click on "Join this Group" and it will walk you through the process. The message board and e-mail are kind of merged together. You can customize how you receive e-mail from the message board. It is recommended that you receive e-mail as message are posted, especially as we get into winter weather and rehearsal may be cancelled midday. You can choose to receive e-mail only from important messages from the moderator. Postings from the moderator account will always be postedd as important.

This group has a controlled membership. Just request to join and for the reason just say, something like "It's okay. I'm in the band."