Music Selections from the Band

We have posted our concerts starting in 2017. You may download an entire concert or individual pieces. You can also play them online directly.

2017 - Spring - Carnegie Hall Pieces
2018 - Winter Holiday
2019 - Spring
2019 - Winter Holiday
2020 - No Performances: COVID
2021 - No Performances: COVID
2022 - Spring

The following are individual MP3 files from pervious concerts.

Song Composer/Arranger MP3 File Recording Date Playing Time Size
Morning, Noon, and Night in Vienna Franz Von Suppe Download December 2000 8:40 3.6MB
My Fair Lady Frederick Loewe Download December 2000 6:27 2.7MB
The Fairest of the Fair John Philip Sousa Download December 2000 3:28 1.4MB
Overture to the Messiah George Frederick Handel Download December 2000 4:24 1.8MB
"March and Procession of Bacchus" from the ballet Sylvia Leo Delibes Download May 13, 2000 4:54 2.0MB
Irving Berlin: A Symphonic Portrait Irving Berlin Download May 12, 2001 7:03 2.9MB
Instant Concert Harold L. Walters (machine translated from German) Download May 11, 2002 2:54 1.2MB
Bugler's Holiday Leroy Anderson Download May 10, 2003 2:32 1.0MB
My Name is Bond arranged by John Mortimer Download May 12, 2006 5:52 2.4MB